Music Works for Students

MusicianCorps trains and places skilled musicians to provide ongoing music instruction and mentorship to low-income K-12 students in schools and afterschool programs. MusicianCorps emphasizes hands-on music instruction combined with academic support and leadership development to help keep students in school and on track. MusicianCorps also offers students opportunities to practice and share their art through participation in Community Days and performances.  


  • 7 out of 10 high school students say they “want to come to school more because of MusicianCorps”
  • 94% of site partners agree that the youth who participated in MusicianCorps "become more creative"
  • 80% of site partners say that youth were “better able to express themselves” after MusicianCorps
  • 74% of youth agreed "I work with better with other people because of MusicianCorps"
  • 94% of site partners report that “MusicianCorps is a high-quality program” and describe it as a “service that isn’t available elsewhere"
  • Testimonials for our work with students >>


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